RAC Breakdown Cover

If I’m honest, I’ve never really considered or done any research on breakdown cover, I’ve hardly given it any thought at all apart from when I’ve renewed my car insurance and was prompted by a pop-up box asking if I wanted breakdown cover, driving a lot of miles each year I thought that would be wise purchase and ticked the box and didn’t give it any more thought, repeating the same action each year until when I needed it.

On a typical trip to the coast, panic set in when a big warning light flashed up on my dashboard, warning me of an engine malfunction, and my car started making a strange whooshing sound. Finding somewhere safe to pull in, I wondered how I was going to get myself, my passengers and my car home, a daunting thought being over 100 miles away.

At that point, I remembered I had breakdown cover. Feeling a sense of relief, I checked my car insurance policy to find out it was with the RAC. Having never used a breakdown service, I googled the number for the RAC and was directed to their website by a recorded message. This was an extremely simple process, filling in a few details about myself and my car and marking on a map my location. Once completed, it gave an estimated time of around two hours before someone would arrive, not bad given that I’d pulled into a car park on the seafront so wasn’t at any risk like if I’d broken down on the motorway or anything.

After about half an hour, I received a call from a friendly guy called Chris, who explained he was at the other side of town and was on his way to me and that I should expect him in approximately 20 minutes. Once he’d arrived, he plugged his tablet into my car to check the error and explained it was likely a cracked hose for the air intake for the turbo on the engine. Spending time to find this and taking the car for a test drive, he confirmed it was safe to drive home, so I could book it into my usual garage for repair.

Having never having to have used a breakdown service before, the overall experience from the RAC and Chris was a pleasant one and I’d certainly give them my “Big Stamp of Approval” and I’ll never underestimate the value of having breakdown cover again as even though he wasn’t able to fix the problem at the roadside he reassured me the car was safe to drive and avoided the outlay of having the car towed home or having to arrange for a garage local to where I was to fix the issue.

The RAC can be contacted on 0330 159 1111 or via https://www.rac.co.uk/.

Value for money
Would recommend
rac-breakdown-coverAn overall pleasant experience and reassurance when I didn't know whether it was safe to still drive my car. I'd happily recommend the service and am glad I had the peace of mind of being covered.


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