Highlander Heavy Duty Jerrican with Tap

Going camping for the first time since being a child I was overly enthusiastic about the experience.

Having bought a cheap tent from Tesco I set off for a week’s camping to North Wales. Upon arrival, I quickly realised how ill-prepared I was for the adventure.

Amongst the other items I didn’t have I didn’t have a way to carry and store water. So after an emergency Google to find the nearest camping equipment store, no easy task when you’re in the middle of Snowdonia, I made the 100 mile round trip to the closest Argos to pick up supplies.

My options were limited but thankful Argos had the Highlander Jerrican available and in stock for £9.99.

Upon getting back to the campsite I filled up the container and headed by to my tent.

The claim that the jerrican is heavy duty is true, it’s made of thick plastic and survived falling off the table several times. I found it useful that I could stand it upright on the table and my loosening the lid where you fill it up made the water flow a lot faster.

The only downside is that the water outlet is at an odd angle.

I’d certainly give the Highlander Heavy Duty Jerrican our Big Stamp of Approval and this is available to buy now at Argos.


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