Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Being on a health kick at the moment, I’ve been using various apps to track my fitness and having hit a plateau, I looked into getting a heart rate monitor to track in more detail how I was doing.

I did the usual research before making my purchase and finally settled on the Wahoo TICKR. One of the main reasons for my choice was the other products they had; I’d just taken up cycling again, and had my eye on buying a cycling computer and sensors, so had concluded it would be better to stick to one brand. I thought the heart rate monitor would be a good product to test the proverbial waters with, what with it being the cheapest of the intended lineup of things I wanted.

I placed the order on Amazon and my new toy arrived the next day. Excitedly I unboxed everything, included was the Tickr and a quick start guide.

The Tickr was as described and the build quality was excellent.  

I tried the strap on and at first, I wasn’t impressed; it didn’t feel right on me and I thought it would be uncomfortable and too tight.

Waiting for some decent weather I went out on my bike and on foot to put the Tickr through its paces. My initial concerns about the strap being uncomfortable were unfounded, within ten minutes I’d forgotten I was even wearing the strap. It stayed in place without adjustment while I did 40 miles on the bike and ten miles on foot.

At first, I tried the monitor with the various iPhone applications available; the strap worked perfectly with the Wahoo Fitness app, which was to be expected, but it also worked without problem with Strava. I had problems getting the strap to work with MapMyWalk, no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to connect.

I borrowed a Wahoo Element Bolt to test the strap with, and this is where I found the strap came into its own, it was simple to pair up with the bolt and when I was ready to leave I turned everything on, it all worked. Simple as that. It was handy to see my live heart rate zones live as I was working out.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor is available to buy at Amazon.


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