Tesco 2 Man Tent Single Layer

Having decided that I needed a holiday to get away from the stresses of life whilst being on a budget I decided on camping for a week in North Wales, I haven’t camped for many years so posted a status on Facebook asking if anyone of my friends had a tent I could borrow. Amongst the many comments, it was suggested that I try Tesco as they currently had tents on offer. During a visit to the store, I found the 2 Man Single Layer Tent on offer for £17.50. Absolute bargain I thought as I made the purchase but unfortunately, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ turned out to be true.

This single layer tent is made from blue and orange polyester and has a polyethylene groundsheet and flysheet door with a 1500mm waterproof rating. It also contained two fibreglass poles and guylines which help to keep the structure of the tent sturdy. With dimensions of L100 x W150 x D200 cm, the tent can easily sleep two people with room around the sides to store a few personal items.

After getting the tent home I had a practice run of pitching it up in the back garden. The instructions said you needed two people, but it only took me 30 minutes to complete by myself.

A few weeks later I arrived in North Wales and pitched my tent; having already practised it only took 10 minutes to get it pitched up this time.

Unfortunately, we only spent one night in the tent. After the first night, we woke up damp from what I presume was condensation from inside the tent. Another fatal flaw was the outer polyester door didn’t have a zip along the bottom which let in the cold air throughout the night which led to a less than comfortable night’s sleep. I had to find the closest shop that sold tents to buy a replacement for the rest of the camping trip.

Having purchased a replacement tent I started to use this one as a storage tent for keeping our things, with it only taking ten minutes to put up and with ample space inside it was ideal for this purpose especially as it kept the insects away from our clothes and food. Allowing us to space to unpack and spread out a little. I wasn’t feeling so bad at wasting my money at that point and thought it was money well spent for the extra storage.

The tent served us well for the rest of the week with its repurposed use as a storage tent. On the last day, we had high winds and the tent didn’t survive the night as the fibreglass poles broke.

I’m not able to give the Tesco 2 Man Tent Single Layer our Big Stamp of Approval but if you still want to purchase, it is available from Tesco.

IMG 3471 1024x930 1
As described
Value for money
Ease of Use
tesco-2-man-tent-single-layerNot a very good tent for sleeping in but a great value tent for storage provided the weather isn’t too harsh.


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