Pipi Bear Changing Backpack Bag

I am sure that I am not the only new mum that thought ‘oh my goodness how on earth am I going to carry around all babies belongings?’ A bag/changing bag is an absolute essential for all mums. I must’ve spent approximately a full working week looking at which bag is the best, fits my babies bottles, and looks as least ‘mumsy’ as possible.

I finally found the Pipi Bear bag on Amazon. It was the only bag that I could find that would take Tommee Tippee bottles in the front compartment. So it was on, I had to buy it. It comes in all sorts of different colours but I chose black, when it arrived it is actually black with a tinge of shimmery blue in certain lights.

The bag is rucksack style so really easy to go onto your back, it also has clips to put onto the front of the pram which is absolutely needed, when carrying a heavier load. This bag is everything that I was looking for, it has a compartment at the front which is lined to keep things cool, a compartment for tissues on the side with a little opening so you don’t need to go into the pocket to actually get a tissue out. It has the all-important adult compartment at the back for your phone, money and any lipstick that you may put in there wishfully thinking you may eventually get time to apply it!!

The main compartment of the bag is really quite generous, I can manage to fit about 10 nappies a full packet of baby wipes, three or four outfit changes, muslins, and much more. There is also availability to keep things separate with about five separate pockets on the inside, which is fabulous for nappy sacks, scratch mitts, all the exciting stuff.

I couldn’t say that this bag is made from the best material, but I would say that it is the most useful.

In a nutshell, I would highly recommend this change bag, it is exactly what everyone needs, without it being too boring.

Pipi Bear Changing Backpack Bag is available to buy at Amazon.

As described
Value for money
Would recommend
pipi-bear-changing-backpack-bagThe perfect mum bag. Who could ask for more.


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