Nuoshen 12 Pcs Tent Pegs

Planning my camping trips for the summer and taking stock of all my items, I realised I didn’t have a spare set of tent pegs. As well all know its always best to be prepared for any situations so I jumped onto Amazon to order some. Scrolling through the many listings I spotted the Nuoshen Tent Pegs, not too cheap but not too expensive, I promptly ordered them.

With 12 in a pack, they are described as being made from Aluminum Alloy with a total length of 18 cm and diameter of 6mm.

They say first impressions count and when I opened the package I was less than impressed as they looked cheaply made and I expected them to bend with my first use of them, but as hard as I tried I was unable to bend one of them with my hands. Being made from Aluminum they are lightweight and grip the ground well.

I’d certainly give the Nuoshen 12 Pcs Tent Pegs our Big Stamp of Approval and this is available to purchase now at Amazon.

As described
Value for money
Ease of Use
nuoshen-12-pcs-tent-pegsLightweight, strong, and grip the ground well. Ideal as replacements or a spare set of tent pegs.


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