Milestone Camping Tent Peg Extractor

After a trip camping, we’ve all had the difficult task of trying to get all the tent pegs back out of the ground a time-consuming task that I’m sure none of us enjoys.

The Milestone Camping Tent Peg Extractor is a functional tool to have in your kit which is perfect for removing tent pegs after your trip camping.

At 17cm in length with a large grip plastic handle means the extractor is comfortable and easy to use allowing you to remove all the pegs in double-quick time. Just reach down and hook the end under the tent peg in the ground and pull.

A must-have tool that costs a few pounds but is a real time-saver, that every camper should have.

I’d certainly give the Milestone Camping Tent Peg Extractor our Big Stamp of Approval and this is available to purchase now at Amazon.

As described
Value for money
Ease of Use

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