British Summer Bouquet

It’s always lovely to have a delivery of fresh summer flowers and this bouquet from Prestige Flowers is bright and beautiful adding a splash of summer colours to the home.

It comprises five sunflowers, four large deep pink roses, four orange germini stems, three yellow chrysanthemum sprays, two sprigs of purple statice and some foliage. There was also a small complimentary box of chocolate truffles nicely presented in a gift box. My bouquet included a glass vase which is an optional extra at £6.99, and is just the right size for the bouquet. The bouquet is delivered in a cardboard box (22 x12x10 inches) by courier.

Inside, in addition to the bouquet are instructions for the care of the flowers, a gift card and some flower food. The bouquet is hand-tied in white cellophane and includes an absorbant sheet of plastic-backed paper which kept it watered in transit.

The flowers were all in lovely condition, except for one of the sunflowers where the head had been broken from the stem and it was mouldy on arrival. This must have been damaged in transit or in putting the bouquet together. I’m sure Prestige Flowers would not have deliberately included a damaged sunflower in one of their bouquets.

So I followed all the instructions on the card – removal of lower leaves, trimming 2cm from the stems at 45 degrees, adding plant food and room temperature water and displaying them out of direct sunlight. I have to top up with fresh room temperature water every day, clean the vase every day and trim the stems every two days. Here they are on day one. Don’t they look great? They smell wonderful too.

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Day 1

By day three the flowers were all opening nicely and were still in excellent condition. I removed them all from the vase and trimmed the stems again as instructed and topped the water up every day.

20190720 110303 1024x768 1
Day 3

Here they are on day five. Most of the flowers still look great, though the roses and one of the germini are now starting to droop a little. I also had to remove a couple of the individual chrysanthemum blooms which were shedding petals. Again, I trimmed the stems as instructed, though I do wonder if this is necessary so frequently. I could end up with a very short bouquet!

20190722 113212 1024x768 1
Day 5

Here’s how they look after seven days. They are still mainly in very good condition, though the roses are past their best now and one of the germini is very droopy. A few of the chrysanthemums have shed petals, but the majority are still going strong. The sunflowers, the pretty purple statice and three of the four germini are still in excellent condition. Three of the sunflowers haven’t opened up yet, but still seem to be healthy and firm, so I have no reason to think they won’t do so.

20190724 113413 1024x768 1
Day 7

So overall, I consider these to be a good choice. Cut flowers aren’t noted for longevity so to have most of the blooms still in the vase and mainly looking healthy after a week is doing pretty well. The presentation is good, though I have to admit, getting a bouquet delivered in a box takes a little of the delight out of receiving a delivery of fresh flowers! But, of course, that is just a personal opinion.

The British Summer bouquet starts at £24.99 for a standard bouquet, £29.99 for a medium bouquet and £34.99 for a large one. I think my bouquet was a large one as the picture on the website is of a medium bouquet and has only four sunflowers, three roses and three germini. Adding in the optional extra of £6.99 for the glass vase makes my bouquet £41.98. Prestige Flowers has a large variety of bouquets to choose from and can also arrange same day delivery if ordered before 3pm (excluding Sundays) and next day delivery if ordered before 10pm.

British Summer Bouquet is available to buy at Prestige Flowers.

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british-summer-bouquetIf you need to deliver fresh flowers quickly, Prestige Flowers will do the job for you.


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