Apachie Wireless Charger

Having taken delivery of a new iPhone X I was eager to try out the new wireless charging feature. After going through a number of charging cables over the years I was hoping to find something that didn’t suffer from the common damage at the end of the cable.

I decided to take a trip to Meadowhall and after visiting a number of stores returned home empty-handed. While I wanted to try out the new feature, I wasn’t prepared to pay the £40 – £50 all the wireless chargers were being retailed for.

After getting home, I went through my usual routine of checking my social media and logged into Facebook. As I checked my newsfeed I spotted an advisement from Groupon for the Apachie Wireless Charger on offer. Perfect I thought to myself, just what I’m looking for (while a little creeped out that Facebook knew exactly what I was looking for and delivered to me in the form of an advertisement) I decided to order two, one for home and one for work.

Placing the order was quick and efficient and only took a few minutes from start to finish. The email confirmation advised the order would arrive within 28 days. Four days later an email arrived, advising that the wireless chargers had been dispatched and I received them the next day.

Upon opening the package, I found a round white charging pad and cable. My first impression with the charger was that it felt cheap and plasticky.

After using it for a few days I’ve come to the conclusion that my first impressions were a little harsh. It is a really good charger and does exactly what you want it to do. I found that it does take longer to charge my phone than using a direct cable, but this isn’t actually an issue. Now by default, I put my phone down on the pad when I’m not using it, rather than having to remember to plug in the cable so my phone is always charged. A really great new addition to my phone life.

The charger has a little blue status light that you can see when it is on and working. I found that I can place my phone on that pad at any angle and it still works without a problem.

Apachie Wireless Charger is available to buy now on Groupon.

As described
Would recommend
apachie-wireless-chargerA good little wireless charger that does the job it needs to do and at £9.99 is a bargain that I would recommend.


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